We are back.....better than ever!!!!



Built as a lifestyle brand some 15 years ago, BS Brands has had several evolutions along the way.  Started out as a passion project T-Shirt company, and has incorporated everything from a Music Studio to a Expedited Trucking venture.  So as we sat down to decide how to position BSB going forward the answer was simple. BSB is a lifestyle brand that represents the way we live our lives.  That lifestyle can be summed up in a very simple motto that we try to live by everyday:


So with that in mind the final version of BS Brands will be this: A collection of stories, photos, and adventures that define who we are, and how we live.  You will find products that we have created under the BSB brand, as well as a few other brands.  We are most excited to be launching a new sunglass brand "Salty Grove" whose launch date continues to change due to production issues.  There are adventures and experiences to be had out in this crazy world, and we want to do them all!